Alter Ego

ALTER EGO ?lter Ego is the first movie starring Sakis Rouvas. It is the third production undertaken by Village Roadshow Productions, coming on the heels of the huge success of the movies "To Klama Vyike apo ton Paradiso" ("Silicon Tears") and "Politiki Kouzina" ("A Touch of Spice"). It is worth noting that, with a total budget of �2,000,000, the film is one of the most expensive Greek productions ever. Focusing yet again on quality, the production company will use the most advanced sound and image processing techniques for "Alter Ego" and carry out the entire process in the United Kingdom..


The film is directed by Nikos Dimitropoulos who also oversaw the script with Vana Dimitriou (screenwriter for the well-known television series "Erotas" ("Love"). The up-and-coming Nikos Dimitropoulos made a powerful debut abroad in advertising and television and has academic training and practical experience in cinema. He directed the full length film "Small Fish" in 2002 and the movie "Cold Living" in 2004. He has worked abroad as director and producer of a number of short films and documentaries ("Imagining Ithaca", "Amazing Adventures of a Nobody", "Silent Houses"), music videos ("Come My Angel", "Famous, Lullaby"), and advertising spots and company videos ("Nescafe", "Shell", "Microsoft"). His professional editing work for the film "Do you like Chinese?" earned him an award at the New York Film Festival.

A few words about the film:

The film follows the lives of five young musicians in a famous rock band who come face to face with their fears, desires, and true selves.

The film stars: Sakis Rouvas, Danai Skiadi ("Hardcore"), Alexandros Logothetis ("E Horodia tou Haritona" - "Chariton's Choir", "Gamilia Narki" - "Totally Married"),

Dimitris Kouroumbalis (television series "Deka Lepta Kyrigma" - "Ten Minute Lecture"), Kostis Kallivretakis

("Les Amants de Parthenon"), Doretta Papadimitriou ("E Liza kai e Alli" - "Liza and the

Other Woman"), and Laertis Malkotsis ("E Gynaika einai Skliros Anthropos" - "A Woman is

a Tough Person"),Evdokia Statiri ("Ta Paida tis Niovis" - "Niobe's Children"),

and Mary Lousi. Filming took place in Athens and Thessaloniki and lasted for

about 11 weeks.


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